Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC)

Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC)
Project executed by
Envac Scandinavia, Kitchen Waste Systems
Project status
UAE / Kitchen

Envac delivered the first system to Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) in 2003, designed to handle the waste from modest 50,000 meals a day. Today EKFC own four Envac systems managing 165,000 meals and close to 50 tonnes of waste per day. Daily operation and maintenance is and has been taken care of by EKFC since the very beginning.

The Envac technology at EKFC provides the client with a problem free waste removal process that is rational, reliable and cost efficient. The working environment in the catering facility is modern and clean, while the systems also complies with all international hygienic standards.

The systems are in operation 24/7 and only stops for routine maintenance 4 hours every week per system.

Summary of work

Phase 1 – Completed in 2005

For Phase 1 the client opted for the Envac system in the ware wash area with tray waste inlets at the end of the tray conveyor and the stripping belts.

Phase 2 – Completed in 2007

Following the success of the first system Envac was awarded a second contract for EKFC 1. The new system was taken into operation in 2007.

Keeping pace with the growth of Dubai International Airport, when the new catering facility was commissioned to handle over 110,000 meals a day, EKFC ensured that the waste management plan by I+O was executed by Envac again.

Upgrade 1 – Completed in 2011

During 2011 another conveyor line was added. Envac upgraded the system and commissioned a new tray waste inlet.

Upgrade 2 – Completed early in 2013

During end of 2012 and first half of 2013 system number four was added to cater for the new lines in the immediate expansion of the catering facility. This system is handling one tray waste inlet and one trash chute and has been prepared to take on a second tray waste inlet when the next upgrade phase is completed.

Short term and Long term projects

Envac is contracted for 5 more systems to the new catering facility starting end of 2013.

  • Short term project is the food preparation area, one Envac system will serve the whole area.
  • Long term project is the new catering facility, which will be served by several Envac systems, similar to EKFC 1.


  • The systems cover conveyor lines stripping waste from incoming flight meal trays. Bulky waste such as bottles and paper are sorted and treated separately.
  • The kitchens are equipped with screw feeders, trash chutes, waste buffer carousels and cardboard balers.
  • Both 323 mm and 219 mm dia stainless steel pipes are used and a special dewatering systems at the trash chutes in the ware wash area ensure that the waste is collected and disposed of effectively.
  • The waste separators in the collection station are connected to a screw feeder conveyor which diverts incoming waste into an available container.

Envac Kitchen Waste Systems at EKFC today have ensured that waste created from meals prepared for over 45 million passengers, who depart or transit through Dubai, are disposed of effectively, efficiently, hygienically and safely.

Basic project information
Project startup2005
System in operation2007
Basic system data
Type of systemKitchen Waste System
Application areaKitchen, Airport
Final capacity per day100 tons per day
Number of fractions1
Number of inlets21
Total metres of pipe1200
Type of wasteGeneral waste / Rest, Food/Organic waste, Packaging, Plastics